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Lieutenant Daisuke Hafan, 3rd Tribe of Bon-Hwa

Name Daisuke Hafan, 3rd Tribe of Bon-Hwa

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Dromedar
Birth Location Dromedar

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6" at Shoulder
Weight 950 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Built similar to Camels of Earth, Daisuke is a quadruped standing 6’6” at the shoulder, his hump and head towering another couple feet higher than that. The majority of his body is covered in a thick light brown fur, the parts not exposing an even lighter brown rough skin. His back legs end in wide hooves, his front end in webbed six finger hands.

Traditionally Dramedar wear vest like clothing that covers their torsos minus their hump. What isn’t covered but said garment is covered by his fur to keep him “modest” in the Federation’s eyes.

On each forearm is clamped a device that is part weapon and part storage.

Family Data

Marital Status Single
Other Family His Tribe is his family

Personality Profile

General Overview Daisuke’s full name is, Daisuke Hafan of the 3rd Tribe of Bon-Hwa wanderers of the City State Amara, follower of the City-State Bactrian, which he normally shortens for ease of people. He is a take no crap easy going steady as you go kind of person, preferring the company of an intellectual debate to a comedy or banter.

He has found the Federation fascinating and continues to enjoy exploring the many cultures and technologies out there.
Strengths & Weaknesses Being as large as he is, it brings some strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation.

Being quite naive to the political climate, he is unaware of some of the more subtle issues surrounding the Federation.

Always wanting to know why, he can have the tendency to delve too deeply into a problem instead of letting good enough be good enough.

He has a cultural dislike of technology, recognizing it as a necessary evil but avoids it when he can.
Ambitions & Goals To learn more of the Federation to bring back to his people one day
Hobbies & Interests Meditation, Philosophy, History

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Daisuke was born and raised in the same Tribe of Bon-Hwa. Having done well in his studies, he passed his rite of passage easily in his 14th year, and quickly earned honor and respect in his tribe. His quick progression got him a seat in the City-State, where he was given good favor and was selected for military service.

He went to the capital and studied advanced tactical theory and weapons. After graduation he served in the small Dromedar fleet working inter system defense. After several years there, his Captain selected him to go back to the home world for advanced tactical training. It was while he was back there he was selected to be a diplomat to the UFP.

Traveling to Earth, Daisuke elected to take the full Starfleet Academy. Excelling and majoring in tactical theory, he also majored in History with a minor in weapons technology. He graduated near the top of the class.

Career History