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Lieutenant JG Zerin Rolfe

Name Zerin Rolfe

Position Physician Assistant

Rank Lieutenant JG

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birth Date 2357
Birth Location Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Lighter skinned human with buzzed hair and F shaped scar on right cheek from childhood accident. He has a tendency to slouch slightly most of the time. Averaged framed with no noticeable muscle, but no excessive amount of fat either. His ears have just a hint of pointed nature of a Vulcan, but is not usually noticed. His uniforms are always crisp, and when off duty tends to keep to earth toned simple clothing.

Family Data

Parent(s) Steven and Emily Rolfe
Marital Status Single
Other Family Grandfather Seltor, full blooded Vulcan, father of Emily who is half Vulcan, half Human.

Personality Profile

General Overview A quiet natured and introspective person. He does not choose to talk a lot in social situations with large numbers of people, letting others carry on conversation. In smaller groups or with closer friends, he is willing to talk more. He is always cordial in conversation. He has a tendency to bottle up thoughts on occasion, attempting to keep a constant mood of mild happiness at all times. Attempts to follow many Stoic philosophers, and believes whole heartedly in the idea of if he cannot control it, he does not worry about it.

He has several calls from his past work as a first responder that still haunt him, however he rarely talks about them. Even with those, he has a mixed outlook of happiness and indifference to the world. He has a tendency to steer towards situations more often that involve work then relaxation, and keeps on him a to do list almost always.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Focused on work, To Do List Driven.
Weakness Bad at asking for help, Pushes self too far, Social isolating
Ambitions & Goals Improving himself both as a medical provider and as a D/C specialist. He has no ambitions of command, but does not mind taking leadership roles in specialities to help teach newer people.
Hobbies & Interests Plays the Vulcan Lute and Mandolin; Practices Target Archery with a number of modern and traditional styled bows.

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Born 2362 to Emily and Steven on Earth. Both parents worked in civil service and devoted as much time as they could to their only son. Zerin was a curious child, getting himself into several curiosity driven accidents without any major harm done, minus a scar on his right cheek. He spent much time playing with his school friends, but an equal if not more amount of time alone playing or exploring by himself.

After visiting his grandfather Seltor on Vulcan as an older child for a holiday, he acquired a taste for Vulcan culture and ways. After spending a summer vacation there, he pleaded with his parents to be allowed to move to Vulcan to live with Seltor and learn more of his Vulcan roots. After much discussion, conversations, and a few arguments, his parents relented and let him move. He moved to Vulcan as a preteen.

He quickly immersed himself in Vulcan culture. He took on a more traditional Vulcan name, and attempted to fit in with the other Vulcan children. Being only quarter Vulcan, he was not as adept as the other children at certain tasks or abilities, but tried to make up for it in his perseverance and dedication to the task.

It was during his last years of secondary school on Vulcan that he began working in the first responder field, starting as a emergency responder and moving into medical response as well. He found the work rewarding helping others while the challenge of learning the tasks of firefighting, extrication, rescue, as well as pre hospital medicine equally exciting. When not working he delved into the Vulcan Institute for Defensive Arts, honing his skills of archery, a hobby he had picked up back on Earth.

Finding the mixture of medical and emergency response fulfilling, but his sense of adventure unfilled, he ended up joining Star-fleet in order to expand his own universe. He decided on majoring in engineering, finding damage control a suitable area of interest. He made friends but never found any romantic interests. He participated on the academy’s archery team, going to many tournaments. While at the Academy, he took on additional training at Starfleet Medical to become fully qualified as a medical provider in Starfleet.

After four years of school, he finally found himself on his ship. He spent his first year on the USS Hope learning and getting field qualified in his medical practice. In his spare time he hung out down in Engineering getting a start on damage control operations. After being qualified medically, he was transferred to the USS Everett where he worked as a D/C specialist. In his team he was jointly responsible for damage control as well as medical response to damaged areas. In his quest to better himself, he went back to Starfleet Medical to get his PA license, while enjoying the engineering side of life, finding more of a calling to the field medicine side of things. Once back out in the field, he continued to work in field medicine and helping out in DC however possible.

Career History


Service Record 2382 Graduate of Star Fleet Academy, majoring in engineering, Medical in corpsman prehospital care
2382-2383 USS Hope - Field training and certification in Paramedicine
2383-2386 USS Everett - Engineer’s Mate, Damage Control and Paramedic
2386-2388 USS Galileo - Damage Control and Paramedic
2388-2389 - PA School
2389-2390 SB 831 - Field PA/Medic
2390-Now USS Vesta