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Lieutenant Commander Renee Salchin

Name Renee Victoria Salchin

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Biographical Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Affiliation Federation (Starfleet)
Birth Date April 28th, 2360
Birth Location Dallas, Texas

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Renee is a golden blonde woman who tends to keep her hair either in an elaborate hairdo or just hanging loose down her back. Her eyes are bright and tend to have a bit of mischief sparkling in them.

Family Data

Parent(s) Gerald Salchin and Emmaline Marleston
Sibling(s) Anthony Salchin (35, Civilian Doctor)
Suzanne Salchin (28, Starfleet Helm Officer, Lieutenant, USS Abiline)
Marital Status Single
Partner(s) None
Children None

Personality Profile

General Overview Renee has a bright bubbly personality that makes her instantly likable by most people she meets. She maintains her composure rather well, especially when the fecal matter hits the fan, which brings the best out of her. When she gets drunk, she's a very happy drunk, loving to sing to a karaoke machine when available. Additionally, Renee is rather flirty, which seems to be one of her default settings.

She has an affinity for music, with a more than decent soprano voice. She loves all kinds of music and will start singing to herself seemingly whenever and wherever.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths- A wonderful crisis engineer, especially when it's a physical fix that's needed, which she tends to do in a creative and typically unusual way.
-Very keen and detail oriented mind
-Very creative engineer, thinks outside the box and tries to work on new things whenever possible

Weaknesses- Jack Daniels
-Routine, Everyday work
Ambitions & Goals To be a senior officer in the Research and Development community
Hobbies & Interests Developing new technology
Singing and other music
Anime and cartoons
Sparkly things
Languages Federation Standard, Some knowledge of Romulan, Klingon and Dominion written languages

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Renee was born in Texas on April 28th, 2360, in Dallas, Texas. She was raised on a small farm that raised quarter horses, but got a top flight education at Dallas Polytechnic High before applying to Starfleet Academy and being accepted for their induction of 2377. She got the news right before her Senior Prom, right when her childhood friend, Charlotte Averis, was accepted as well. It was there that things got shaky, as she took the opportunity of a new area to start partying and pulling pranks that had only just been in their infancy during her high school days. She also took her affinity to the boys and girls to higher levels, but was exemplary at her engineering studies. Despite her affinity and knowledge of every piece of technology she could get her hands on, Renee was expelled from Starfleet Academy partway through her sophomore year.

Depression hit Renee like a bus as she stood outside the Academy in civilian clothes, duffel bag in her hands. But after a week and a half, she had made her decision that while her path to being an officer had been taken away from her, and even she had to admit it was for a good reason, then went and enlisted in Starfleet. One year of basic training later, she was assigned to the starship Gemini as an assistant to the assistant to the assistant Chief Engineer and was plunked into the most boring of boring jobs. In 2382, she had been getting ready for shore leave to attend Charlotte's wedding when she got the news that she'd died during an attack on the base she had a few days leave, her shuttle getting run over by a starship in a rush.

Five years after she'd first arrived on her first assignment, she had been on a total of thirteen ships and bases, promoted five times for her proficiency, demoted six times for issues she'd had. She was on her last legs on board the USS Calypso, knowing she was about to be kicked out of the Fleet entirely, when the ship obtained a new Chief Engineer, Andrew Vernet, the fiance of Charlotte, that she'd never met before. He, not knowing she had been Charlotte's best friend at the time, brought her into his office and told her straight out that she needed to improve, but that he would help. A year later, she and he were here-and-again lovers after she'd revealed that she'd known Charlotte. It wan't love, they both knew that, but it helped sooth the pain of Charlotte's loss.

A year after that, Renee had been promoted up to Petty Officer 2nd Class by the CO on merit, when Andy was transferred to Titan Station, where some of the premier Research and Development programs were, and he took her with him. A year after she'd arrived, she was encouraged by Commodore Vordrin to take the Officer Aptitude Test and took on additional courses to fulfill the requirements for OCS and was given a direct commission to Lieutenant Junior Grade. She spent five years on Titan, working as a general troubleshooter and development aide for Commander Vernet on projects that crossed the entire ship spectrum. A Distinguished Service Medal was awarded for what came to be known among the R&D community as 'The Frizz Event'. She was promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant in 2390.

In 2391, Renee was reassigned to the USS Calypso again, this time as the Assistant Chief Engineer, and served for just over two years before earning the endorsement of Captain Rodriguez and Commander Hartmann before she was reassigned to the USS Vesta, lead ship of the Vesta-class, as her Chief Engineer in late 2393.
Education 2373-2377- Dallas Polytechnic High School
2377-2378- Starfleet Academy (Expelled November 2378)
December 2378 - December 2379- Starfleet Enlisted Training

Career History

Starfleet Training July 2377- November 2378- Starfleet Academy (Expelled November 2379)
December 2378 - December 2379- Starfleet Enlisted Training
October 2377 - March 2389 - OCS Training on Titan Station
Career History January 2380 - May 2380- USS Gemini
May 2380 - October 2380- USS Fortitude
October 2380 - March 2381- Starbase 412
March 2381 - May 2381- USS Surprise
May 2381 - October 2381- Starbase Lincoln
October 2381-May 2382- USS Cassiopea
May 2382- July 2382- USS Dwight D Eisenhower
July 2382-January 2383- USS Valkyrie
January 2383- May 2383- USS Saratoga
May 2383- November 2383- Starbase 99
November 2383 - April 2384- USS Terrible
April 2384 - September 2384- USS Temptation
September 2384 - October 2386- USS Calypso
October 2386 - November 2391- Titan Station, R&D (Earned Distinguished Service Medal)
November 2391 - November 2393- USS Calypso
November 2393 - Present- USS Vesta


Service Record Cadet (2377-2378)
Crewman Recruit (2378-2379)
Crewman Apprentice (2379-2380)
Crewman (2380-2382)
Petty Officer 3rd Class (2382-2386)
Petty Officer 2nd Class (2386)

::Accepted to OCS::

Lieutenant JG (2386-2389)
Lieutenant (2389-2393)
Lieutenant Commander (2393-Present)