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Lieutenant Elijah Mitchell

Name Elijah James Mitchell

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Federation Starfleet
Birth Date March 18, 2361
Birth Location Paris, Sol III

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Elijah is roughly average height and in good shape with dark brown hair and brownl eyes.

Family Data

Parent(s) Captain Stuart Mitchell & Ambassador Elizabeth Mitchell
Sibling(s) Lieutenant Alexander Mitchell (Identical Twin)
Marital Status Single

Personality Profile

General Overview Lieutenant Mitchell is a friendly but shy man, in contrast to his twin brother who is confident and outgoing. That shyness is not evident in the courtroom or during diplomatic functions. He has developed a more confident persona for those situations but has not been able to carry that persona outside of his professional duties.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Friendly
+Excellent knowledge of Federation Law
+Fluent in Klingon, Bajoran and Romulan

- Shy
- Self-Doubt
Ambitions & Goals Elijah’s current goal is to make Lieutenant Commander. His original goal was to rise up through the JAG Corps and to one day become the Judge Advocate General. Now, he’s working towards a senior position within the Federation Diplomatic Corps.
Hobbies & Interests Lieutenant Mitchell loves to read and would prefer to do nothing more than to settle down with a good book. Elijah has a love of history and politics, the main reason he transferred from the JAG Corps to Diplomacy. Far from being a couch potato, Elijah likes to keep himself fit and particularly enjoys swimming and cycling.
Languages Federation Standard, Bajoran, Klingon & Romulan

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Elijah Mitchell was born in Paris on March 16, 2361. He was the youngest of a set of twins, his older brother Alexander being born 47 minutes earlier, born to Stuart and Elizabeth Mitchell. His father, Stuart, was a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet assigned to the U.S.S. Potemkin while his mother, Elizabeth, worked for the Federation’s Diplomatic Corps in Paris.

The Mitchell’s grew up living just outside Paris, though they still managed to pick up their North American accents from their mother. With a father in Starfleet, away for most of the year, they never really grew close to him but since that was always how it was, they never developed a resentment for their father’s absence as they grew older. With their mother as the primary caregiver, they naturally developed a very close attachment to her and remain in almost daily contact with her when possible.

His relationship with his brother had always been strained. Alexander had always been confident and outgoing while Elijah lacked in confidence and quite shy. That led to Alexander quickly becoming the dominant brother and would frequently push his younger brother around when they were children. In their teenage years, Alexander and his friends would make fun of the more bookish Elijah. As they moved to the Academy, they came to the understanding that while they were brothers and would remain connected, there would never be any great affection for one another.

The family suffered a massive tragedy in 2375 when Stuart was killed in action during the Dominion War. The ship he commanded, the U.S.S. Fredrickson, was destroyed during an engagement with the Dominion. While Elijah was saddened by his father’s loss, they were never particularly close. What he mourned was the missed opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with his largely absent father and the fact that they now would never have that chance.

Elijah developed a deep interest in history as a child and an interest in politics followed around the age of fourteen so when it came time for him to decide what to do after High School, he was tempted to pursue a civilian career as an historian but his mother advised a career in Starfleet for a few years at least. Trusting his mother, Elijah followed her advice.

Career History

Starfleet Training Elijah began his Diplomatic/Legal studies at Starfleet Academy in the fall of 2379. While Alexander was off training to be a pilot and partying with his buddies, Elijah had his head buried in books and was focused on his studies. He’d always found making new friends difficult and that was no different at the Academy. While his brother was well known on campus, Elijah was almost invisible but did manage to make friends with a few of the other cadets and continues to count them among his close friends.
Career History Graduating in 2383, Elijah was commissioned an Ensign and assigned to the Legal Office on Starbase 11. While the office handled JAG matters for an entire sector, Elijah was assigned to trivial cases. While he applied himself in every case he was given, he found the work unfulfilling and didn’t enjoy this period of his career.

The one occasion that he found himself in a courtroom during this time was an unmitigated disaster. Never comfortable standing in front of others to speak, he found the entire experience daunting and when it came time to stand up and deliver his arguments, he fumbled over his words. Despite knowing his arguments by heart, he constantly doubted himself and referred back to his notes endlessly. Ultimately, he won the case, though to this day he’s not entirely sure how.

Following this, he was counselled by his CO of the time and it was this time that he began to develop a separate persona for his professional duties, one that allowed him to shed his nerves and shyness. The next time he stepped into a courtroom was following his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and his reassignment to JAG Headquarters in San Francisco. This time it was a much different experience. He came across as confident, knowledgeable and able to think quickly on his feet.

Even though he had evolved into a fine lawyer, Elijah still found the work unfulfilling. He began applying for positions open to Starfleet Officers within the UFP Diplomatic Corps and was successful in 2387, shortly before the Romulan Supernova. The workload for the Diplomatic Corps at the time was immense yet Elijah loved the challenge and finally found his Starfleet Career a fulfilling one.

In 2389, Elijah was promoted to Lieutenant and given a spaceborne assignment on the U.S.S. Armstrong as a junior Diplomatic Officer. The Chief Diplomatic Officer found the junior officer to be hardworking and dedicated so when the Assistant Chief billet became available, she quickly recommended Elijah for the role.

By 2394, the CDO felt that Elijah was ready to run a Diplomatic department of his own and recommended that he be given such a billet when one became available. That turned out to be onboard the U.S.S. Vesta.


Service Record 2379 – 2380
Cadet (First Year) – Legal/Diplomatic Studies
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2380 – 2381
Cadet (Second Year) – Legal/Diplomatic Studies
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2381 – 2382
Cadet (Third Year) – Legal/Diplomatic Studies
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2382 – 2383
Cadet (Fourth Year) – Legal/Diplomatic Studies
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2383 – 2385
Ensign – Staff Judge Advocate
Starbase 11 Legal Office

2385 – 2387
Lieutenant j.g. – Staff Judge Advocate
JAG Headquarters, Starfleet Command

2387 – 2389
Lieutenant j.g. – Diplomatic Attache
UFP Diplomatic Corps, Paris, Earth

2389 – 2391
Lieutenant – Diplomatic Officer
U.S.S. Armstrong (Galaxy-class Starship)

2391 – 2394
Lieutenant – Assistant Chief Diplomatic
U.S.S. Armstrong (Galaxy-class Starship)

2394 – Present
Lieutenant – Chief Diplomatic Officer
U.S.S. Vesta (Vesta-class Starship)