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Lieutenant Commander Cor Cordale

Name Cor Cordale

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Thux
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Location Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 230
Hair Color Cobalt-Blue
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description The Thux are, following the model as the basis, a race of humanoid sentients that have many animalistic superficial traits. Their height varies from five to six feet, plus or minus an inch or two, and weighing anywhere from 130 to 210 lbs in a standard
gravity well. They possess standard symmetry, having two legs, two arms, and a single head. The Thux also possess a tail, roughly two and a half feet to a full three feet long and as thick as their forearm at the widest, which they use as a counterweight while moving, and also to indicate mood to an extent.

Their facial and body structure are very reminiscent of a humanoid version of earth mustelids, like weasels and ferrets. Their heads are wider and shorter then a human's, possessing a short muzzle filled with sharp teeth more appropriate for tearing and ripping meat then for processing vegetable matter, indicating a carnivore heritage.

Their eyes are forward facing, granting binocular depth perception, and indicating a predatory heritage. Crowning their head are a pair of semi-directional ears, capable of a rather broad array of motions and movements.

The Thux are a very body-language oriented race, as one can infer a Thux's mood even before the first words as spoken. They're also exceptionally flexible, primarily concerning their spines, as a Thux is able to twist their torso around nearly twice as far as a standard human. A disturbing sight if one isn't ready for it. A Thux in a good mood has straight ears and a slow sway to their tails, their posture straight up. An annoyed Thux's tail is motionless save for the very tip, with a slightly hunched
posture, a frightened Thux would have their ears low, and their tail tucked close to them while an angry Thux almost seems to bristle.

Their hands and feet are broad, with rough pads along the palms and fingertips of the hands, and the toes, soles, and heels of the feet. Each foot has four toes, which each has a single claw, while each hand has five fingers (Four plus a thumb) which each also end in a claw. While the claw is sharp enough to break the flesh of a human, it is of note that it would seem the primary function of the claw is to aid in climbing. There
is a modrum of dexterity in regards to a Thux's footpaw, but it is no more dexterous then a human's foot, which aside from picking up a small object, is no replacement for a true hand.

Covering their bodies is a layer of dark fur, lightening up to a cobalt blue color near the underbelly, the inside of the legs, and the upper forearm. Though short, the fur does a very effective job of maintaining a consistent body temperature, at the cost of
being unable to readily lose excess heat. Rather then sweating, a Thux pants to lower their internal bodily temperature, though it is worth noting that a Thux can tolerate higher temperatures then a normal human before such a reaction becomes a concern.

A tolerance that seems keyed in with their origins.

There is evidence to support that the Thux were either a modified or an outright designed race. Increased tolerances to heat and radiation, their ease at navigating rough vertical surfaces, and their psychological profile shows no indication of
discomfort in enclosed spaces seems to hint at some form of workforce. Even Cor's name, "Cor Cordale" is a sign. His name could be spelled 'cor cor dalle', which is Ferengi for '115'.

As for Cor himself, the Thux stands roughly 5' 8" tall, though tends to slouch when at rest. This is presumably from the additional weight of his artificial limb structure, as his left arm and shoulder have been replaced with obviously mechanical prosthetics. A pair of bright blue eyes offsets his dark fur, and despite the fact that it's nothing but sharp, pointy teeth, Cor has what most would call 'a nice smile'.

The mechanical limb in question is an antiquated Arctile Series VII manipulator appendage. Hardly confusable with a normal limb, the Arctile Series VII was obviously mechanical, with a powerful three-fingered manipulator hand rather then a
conventional five finger manipulator. What it lacks in esthetics it makes up for in gripping power and reliability. The motivator appendage in series had a second coating of carbon fiber overlay to increase its durability. Upon the shoulder unit, and
laser tattooed at the cap of Cor's spine, there's a Ferengi stamp, which simply reads "Cor Cor Dalle". Around his neck, Cor wears more of a collar then a necklace, with a set of identity tags on it that declare his number, which he's taken for his name.

Family Data

Parent(s) Unknown
Sibling(s) Sil Cinban -Brother (Deceased)
Cal Mondalle - Brother (Deceased)
Marital Status Single
Partner(s) None
Children None

Personality Profile

General Overview Cor enjoys life, enjoys living, and has an appetite for life that is rare to find. His dedication to a cause or a team is admirable. While 'hard work pays off' is the motto he lives by, he always finds time to relax and have fun.

It is important to note that though he is a carefree spirit, Cor has a pride about him and his race that is impressive to witness. He's protective of his friends, not wanting to lose any like he had before, and if his life, his work, or his friends are threatened, Cor's history of anger-management courses in the Academy speaks for the results.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a Thux, Cor can tolerate temperatures that humans would find uncomfortably warm, and can has a higher then average tolerance to natural toxins. He is inhumanly flexible, particularly in regards to his spine, where he easily has double the range
of motion of a human being. He has no discomfort navigating tight spaces, and can navigate tunnels and tubes in all three dimensions with relative ease thanks to his climbing talents. Fortunately, his claws cannot damage the equipment, though they might scratch the paint.

His mechanical limb gives his off hand an advantage in durability and strength, though the steel and carbon are still attached to a bone frame, so while his arm could theoretically lift and support half a ton, without proper support, it'd tear his torso apart.

Though, all the gifts that he has in body pale in comparison to the strength of his spirit. His mind is as sharp as a knife, and his determination to better himself needs to be seen to be believed.

Cor's lack of true heritage can sometimes be a problem, as he has none of the vast racial history others can pull from. He has no traditions, no racial identity, no prior generations to speak of. Those wishing to antagonize him have often used this as a
wound to salt, as Cor takes a great deal of pride in who and what he is.

He also finds it difficult, if not impossible, to blend into a crowd. Due mostly to his unique appearance, as well as as most people having a reflex reaction to any large bipedal furry creature with a mouth full of teeth.

Cor's greatest weakness, is his desire to leave a mark on the cosmos. He remarks that he's only got so long, and he wants the universe to remember him, and his people, as more then just walking dusters.
Ambitions & Goals Cor purchased his freedom for a reason. He wants to have fun, live life, and maybe leave a mark on the cosmos, something to remember him and by proxy, the Thux, by. Until then, he's currently writing a book, entitled the Book of Thux. This book he hopes to use as something of the Thux Bible, something to establish some form of racial background.
Hobbies & Interests Cor enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together, and has a love of engines and personal vehicles. He has personally dismantled and reassembled his personal shuttle several times, which may account for its general lack of a coordinated design. Though, as Cor says, it flies. That's good enough.

In order to keep his coordination up to par with his mechanical limb, Cor began assembling models and figures, and continues to do so to this day. Most of his models are of various starships and vehicles.
Languages Common, Vulcan, Klingon, Ferengi

Personal Relationships

Family Relationships Cor doesn't know his parents, on account that he might not actually have them.
Romantic Relationships A love affair with Jack Daniels, a history of insubordination with Captain Morgan, and loves going out for long hikes with Johnny Walker.
Relationships with Friends Tight and loyal

Personal History

Personal History As early as he could remember, Cor spent his life in a mine, working for the Ferengi under indentured contract. They offered minimal pay, and usually got most, if not more, of it back through taxes, medical insurance, food ration purchases, and other hidden charges. There, he made two seemingly lifelong friends, and they formed something of a secret pact. They'd pool their resources, and eventually they would all have the necessary currency to purchase their way out of their contracts. They had to be secretive, though, as the Ferengi outlaw workforce unions of any form.

For ten years they saved, and hid their earnings. As the Ferengi were very careful to monitor their workforce, they had to be very careful not to seem more then just a tight group. Throughout the years there were promotions, were Thux that met certain unknown conditions, or were injured to the point where they were no longer viable for work, would be given the distinction of a promotion to 'Foreman' and moved to open another mine. Sometimes they'd write, but the letters all sounded the same.

It was during his thirteenth cycle that Cor was caught in a cave in. Most of him made it out intact, though his left arm was crushed beyond repair. As a show of 'compassion', the Ferengi outfitted him with a crude mechanical manipulator, best described as cheap, built by the lowest bidder and bought in bulk. Unmistakable for anything other then a mechanical prosthetic, it at least allowed him to return to work, something he felt mixed feelings about.

The three of them were close, then his two friends were eventually each promoted to foreman, and given commission on other mines. Though he never saw his two friends again, their promotion gave him the chance to buy out his contract using their pooled funds. Upon conclusion of their promotion, Cor Cordale announced he had the funds to buy out his contract, and much to the surprise of the Ferengi overseers there, he did.

Though, always looking for a way to turn catastrophe into profit, the Ferengi on staff allowed it to proceed, knowing it would only inspire the others. They sold him a nearly defunct shuttle, gave him his termination of employment papers, and sent him on his way. From there, he hopped from station to station, doing odd jobs, repairing everything from burnt out coolant tanks to small yield reactors, living the life of the road as the saying would go.

It's from this moment, this turning point in Cor's life that he gets his strong loyalty to his friends from. There isn't much that Cor wouldn't do for a friend, and as his discipline record at Academy shows, if you have a problem with his friend then you have a problem with him.

Cor applied for citizenship within the Federation, and while it is the first case of his species on record, if you ask Cor he's 'just a worker, he's no diplomat'. He studied engineering, astrophysics, and Terran history as majors at the Academy, and found that humanity, despite their downsides, was a pretty nice race.

His tour of service included an apprenticeship aboard a luxury star liner; though he was asked to be reassigned since something about his presence seemed to upset the guests. From there, he was assigned to a Federation cargo hauler, where he served well, though his record indicates an incident involving him and another apprentice, which was broken up before it could escalate.

Cor enjoys life, enjoys living, and has an appetite for life that is rare to find. His lack of racial history often causes him to make mistakes that a species that has endured the ages may have learned from, and he has been quoted as saying that the reason he studies the mistakes of other races is "So he won't have to make them". His dedication to a cause or a team is admirable. While 'hard work pays off' is the motto he lives by, he always finds time to relax and have fun.

It is important to note that though he is a carefree spirit, Cor has a pride about him and his race that is impressive to witness. He has attended anger-management sessions at the recommendation of his advisors, the results of which are available upon demand. Cor understands that violence is never the only answer to a situation and on record is a signed Form 786.D, notifying that his robotic appendage can seriously injure or kill in a fight. This form acknowledges that he is informed that the penalties for its misuse carry the same penalties as misuse of a personal issue phaser.
Education Academy Highlights: Asked to leave Professor Agalsin's Advanced Hologram and Transporter Theory class.

Career History

Pre-Starfleet Career Miner in an illicit Ferengi Latinum Asteroid Mines
Mechanic in some run down starport
Starfleet Training Engineering track. Minored in Gravitic studies. Majored in hologram and replicator theory.


Service Record CCL Jewel of the Stars (Civilian Cruise Liner) - Transferred by Captain's request

CCH Calrog (Civilian Cargo Hauler) - Transferred at end of term

USS Nagasaki - Transferred at end of term

USS Wellington - Chief Engineer