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Lieutenant JG Edron Zaerbe

Name Edron Zaerbe

Position Division Officer, Propulsion

Rank Lieutenant JG

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Ekosian
Affiliation Federation Starfleet
Birth Date 27 December 2366
Birth Location Ekos (M43 Alpha IV)

Physical Appearance

Height 175 cm (5'9")
Weight 59 kg (131 lbs.)
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue

Family Data

Marital Status Single

Personality Profile

Strengths & Weaknesses Zaerbe is a capable, intelligent young man. From an early age, he demonstrated a keen ability to problem solve in most any situation. This has helped him greatly over the years as a student and later an engineer. However, it has been less so in his personal life, particularly in situations where he has tried to find a ""solution"" to something he cannot (or should not) ""fix"".

Many who have worked with Zaerbe describe him as hardworking and dependable. He has shown himself to be a team player and is fiercely dedicated to those around him, particularly if he feels he is getting the same in return. He won't hesitate to lend a hand, go the extra mile, or even take responsibility for something if it means the team as a whole is better able to succeed. This, combined with his fun-loving personality and good sense of humor, makes it easier for him to interact with others.

It has been said that Zaerbe can sometimes be a bit of a romantic. This is true both in his personal relationships as well as in his outlook on life. Having grown up hearing stories of the past and how the Federation helped his people out of a dark chapter in their history, he has great admiration for the way things could be. At a personal level, this has occasionally resulted in him being a little awkward or foolish when around people he's been attracted to. More generally, however, it has meant some disappointed in the past when reality hasn't necessarily lived up to expectations.
Ambitions & Goals Zaerbe has long been fascinated by engineering design and how things work. This has dove-tailed well with the experiences Starfleet has offered him to explore these interests more deeply. In fact, the opportunity to work with quantum slipstream technology during his time aboard the Vesta has been particularly satisfying for him, albeit challenging. As he looks ahead to the future, he hopes to one day use the practical experience he's gaining to see some of his own ideas and design concepts put to good use.
Hobbies & Interests - Drafting & Design
- Tinkering & Engineering Puzzles
- Reading (Engineering Journals, etc.)
- Physical Training (e.g. running)
- Hanging Out with Friends
Languages Ekosian, Zeon, Federation Standard

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Career History


Service Record CDT || Starship Operations & Systems Engineering || Starfleet Academy || 2385-2389
XXX || Field Assignment || {{Location TBD}} || 2386
XXX || Field Assignment || {{Location TBD}} || 2387-2388
XXX || Field Assignment || {{Location TBD}} || 2388-2389
ENS || Engineering Officer || USS TBD (TBD-class) || 2389-2391
LTJG || Engineering Officer || USS Vesta (Vesta-class) || 2391-2393
LTJG || Division Officer, Propulsion || USS Vesta (Vesta-class) || 2393-Present