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BACKPOST -- Behind Closed Doors

Posted on Fri Jan 3rd, 2020 @ 10:33pm by Lieutenant Harlow Launceston MD & Colonel Mr'isarr
Edited on on Fri Jan 3rd, 2020 @ 10:33pm

Mission: Episode 02: "Samaritan"
Location: Personal Quarters
Timeline: Prior to Explosion

Tomorrow would be the first day of duties since arriving on board the Vesta, most of the time was spent unpacking belongings and turning the assigned quarters into more of a home of two than anything. Being a marine he made sure that his uniform was immaculate and presentable for tomorrow since it would be the first time he would meet his department, something he was looking forward to. While his assignment tasking outlined a need to protect the QSD technology he was also still the Marine Commanding Officer on board, which while this to him meant a double tasking it would be one he was ready for and confident in his ability to undertake.

Harlow set the last of the empty packing crates inside the front door, waiting for them to be returned to operations to be recycled, then stopped and looked around their quarters. Like her mate, she was also gearing up to start her own duty shifts the next day. Walking back toward him, she smiled and sighed exaggeratedly. "I can honestly say I'm not in a hurry to change assignments again," she said with a soft laugh. "Unpacking is hard, but we're done. Are you ready for tomorrow? Do you want me to get your uniform for you or anything?"

"It is already prepared." He replied watching his mate walk towards him, her hair coloured and wild, ideal for a first impression that was sure to last. "Need you anything for tomorrow?" He asked, he'd spent a while preparing things for himself, but nought for his Mate as he was unsure what she would need.

She shook her head, rising up on the tips of her toes and reaching up to brush her fingers along his cheek. "I got everything ready earlier. All I need to do is shower, wash my hair and get dressed in the morning," she said with a smile.

With that done and noticing once again Harlow standing on her toes to reach him he offered. "Would you like to trim my fur?" A somewhat intimate act between Caitians and one they had not tried before, though with this new assignment he thought perhaps it would present them a new chapter in their lives and to try new things they had not, to date, done before.

The surprise on her face was evident as he asked. It was, until now, something he had kept very private and only done away from her. "If you want my help, of course," she replied with a soft smile. "But you'll need to tell me what to do, I... I haven't done it before."

"I will gather my grooming kit." Tilting his head into her palm briefly then walking into the bedroom he came out holding the kit in his hands. An aged looking wooden box that within held everything needed to tend to his claws, fangs, teeth and fur wrapped in an equally aged red cloth. It was one of the few things he'd brought with him from the Homeworld, a gift from his Mother before his departure. "Perhaps the bathroom would be better suited." Fur could be a pain to get off a carpet on the best of days, a lot of it even more so and at least a sizeable shower cubicle could keep it contained to one area.

"That's probably a good idea," Harlow said as he returned. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out an elastic and pulled her hair up into a weird bun sitting high on her head to keep it out of her way before she followed him back into the bathroom. It was only after they were both in the bathroom that she looked up at him again with a smile. "What do you want me to do?"

Opening the box he pulled out a device that by Human standards was a handful, it looked like a curved toothed stone, polished black with teeth like a comb or a brush that grew closer and closer together towards the base of each tooth. "This, if brushed through my fur will trim it to the proper length. You may need to go over the same area multiple times." Without closing the box inside could be seen other items, files, liquids of different colours in bottles, small fabric squares and brushes.

The device looked archaic. Taking it in her hand, Harlow held it uncertainly as she looked up at him. "Are you sure it won't hurt you?" she asked softly, her hesitation clear in her voice. "I don't want to hurt you..."

"It will hurt no more to me than you brushing your own hair." He replied as he then began to strip off his clothing. It was hard to view himself as naked with a thick fur coat covering every inch of his body but if Harlow was to help, he'd need to be without clothing for her to work. It was not something that was new to him as Harlow had seen him before without clothes on, they did after all share a bed together.

Watching him as he undressed, Harlow smiled slightly, biting down on her bottom lip as she pulled herself up onto the bathroom counter, sitting on the edge of it easily. She turned her attention to the object in her hand, turning it over and examining it carefully. "If I run it over my hand will it do anything?" she asked curiously, wanting to see how it worked.

"No." He replied. "Though I would not suggest you run it through your hair unless you wish it only several inches long." He did like her long hair, purple as it was. Folding his clothing and placing it on the side next to her, closing the lid to the box and placing that to one side he dropped to his hands and feet. "You should start from the neck down, small strokes until you are comfortable."

She slid off the counter and kneeled down next to him, first of all running her free hand over his soft fur with gentle strokes before she inhaled deeply. Taking the clipper, she held it carefully at the back of his neck, hesitating for a long moment. "Are you sure it wont hurt?" she asked softly before she started moving it slowly along the length of his back, watching the way it neatly trimmed the fur in its path.

"I am sure. You will need to clear the it regularly for obvious reasons." Since it had been a little while since he'd been able to groom his fur fully and properly he didn't doubt that a growing pile of cut fur would gather beside them. He waited while she worked, patiently as he felt his fur be cut, her hands gently working. He was sure that she would end up covered in fur too but that was often the price for grooming, even on his own and covering his surroundings.

Harlow had only been working for a few minutes when she stopped, setting the tool aside and laughing softly. "It's getting everywhere," she said as she stood up, brushing her hands down over her clothing before sighing softly. "Just give me one minute?" Without waiting for him to respond she started to shed her own clothing, shaking it off and folding neatly so they could go back into the replicator to be recycled. Once she had stripped to her under things, she kneeled back down next to him. "That should help," she said with a smile as she started working again.

It came as no surprise that he glanced as she stripped her clothing, her figure was pleasing to the eye and despite the considerable size difference and her curves were generous. There was a time that he feared harming such a beautiful frame by what he was, he could not hide from her the dangers that he posed to her yet she embraced them willingly and accepted them when they rose. Seeing how the bra clearly highlighted her bust and the panties her hips he wondered what pregnancy would do to her, and the aftermath.

Catching the way he looked at her, she felt a hint of color rising in her cheeks as she returned to what she was doing. "What are you thinking about?" she asked with a smile as she brushed her hand along his back, dislodging loose fur gently.

"I was thinking how you would look while pregnant." He replied as he remained still for her to work. He'd often admired her frame, in bed, in the morning, when she wore one of his long and very oversized shirts to lounge in.

Clearly taken aback by his admission, Harlow paused for a moment before she continued grooming him carefully. "Is that something you think about often?" she asked softly, curiously. "We've never talked about it before, is it something you want? I mean babies?"

"Since my bonding to you I have thought of much, more so since you claimed me. Since that time its presented me with possibilities that were not available to me them and as such I was focused on my work. Now that you are my Mate, that changes my focus." He realised then that she had stopped so turned his head to look upon her, to see her expression.

Harlow smiled, almost shyly as she looked at him, one hand moving to his face, her fingertips softly caressing his cheek. "I wasn't sure if it was something you wanted," she offered softly by way of explanation. "It wasn't something you ever talked about, so I didn't know." A smile played at her lips as she continued grooming his fur. "I..." she took a deep breath before she continued speaking. "I wasn't even really sure if it would be possible, I mean, I'm human, you're Caitian..."

"It is, though we would need to see the Chief Medical Officer. It requires a synthetic hormone treatment that you take daily, it enhances conception chances with mixed species pairings." He replied as he looked at her. "I have not spoken of it because you are young, you have a career before you, it would require you putting it on hold for a time as the pregnancy takes hold and after." Once more showing the gender play in his culture and which stood above the other.

"Mr'isarr," his name was softly spoken as she stopped work again and looked at him. "What you want is important to me," she said quietly. "What WE want is important." She smiled as she started working again. "Besides, I can honestly say it's something I've thought about too," she said quietly.

"And what have you thought?" He asked as Harlow resumed working keen to hear her thoughts on the topic of offspring. He had no doubt that there would be complications, difficult times ahead if they pursued this route but he would stand with her through them.

"A family," she said softly, almost hesitantly. "A family that is mine, that is ours..." she sighed and shook her head slightly as she brushed her hand over his back lightly again, dislodging more loose fur to make it easier for the clippers to work. "It's something I've never had," she finally offered.

"If you wish, we can talk more about it tonight after we are done here." He thought that perhaps later would be better given she was so focused in trying not to hurt him as she worked, one less distraction on an otherwise important topic that both it seemed had given thought to.

"As you wish," Harlow said softly as she continued working, lapsing into silence. It was a few moments later that she set the tool down, brushing both hands over his back carefully. "I'm done on your back," she said softly. "Do you want me to do your chest next?"

"Yes." Considering her height and ease of access he stood up, straightened himself and looked at her. "This might be easier."


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