USS Vesta (NX-94200)    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Bridge   Primary operational control of a Vesta-class starship is provided by the main bridge, located on deck five of the primary hull (sometimes referred to as the “saucer” section). The main bridge directly supervises all primary mission operations (except for the shuttlebays and assorted craft) and coordinates all department activities.
Conference Room (Bridge)   There are several meeting spaces aboard Vesta-class starships including conference rooms, briefing rooms, meeting rooms, and viewing lounges. This particular conference room is reserved for bridge officers and members of the senior staff.
Ready Room   Doubling as an office and a second private cabin in addition to the Commanding Officer’s private quarters, the ready room is a place where the captain can work or rest while remaining next to the bridge in case of an emergency. It is an ideal space for the captain to review status reports, hold one-on-one or small meetings with members of the senior staff, and receive private communications.
Quarters   The term quarters refers to accommodations on board spacecraft and space stations. Quarters can be found all over mobile and stationary facilities, varying in size and detail. An individual room was called a cabin. Usually, the accommodations of the ship's commanding officer and executive officer are slightly larger than the standard officers' quarters.
Transporter Room   A transporter room is part of a starship or space station which is specially outfitted to transport lifeforms and small inanimate objects.
Mess Hall   A mess hall is a place on Federation starships or starbases where one can relax and enjoy a meal or a quick snack in a social setting.
Primary Sickbay & Support Facilities   Sickbay is the primary medical center aboard Federation starships. The area is also used for certain analyses of new lifeforms a starship might encounter and for developing treatments for unknown diseases or illnesses.
Main Engineering   Engineering (or main engineering) is the location from which all engineering systems aboard the vessel, especially those relating to propulsion and power generation, are controlled.
Hearthstone Lounge (Public Access)   Hearthstone Lounge (also known as the Forward Viewing Lounge) is a recreation facility aboard the USS Vesta that has much the same function as a mess hall. It can also be used for official functions such as receptions and dinners.