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Home Sweet Home... Again

Posted on Wed Nov 13th, 2019 @ 8:46pm by Colonel Mr'isarr & Lieutenant Harlow Launceston MD

Mission: Episode 02: "Samaritan"
Location: Personal Quarters
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000

With a new assignment comes new possibilities, Mr'isarr had heard of the Vesta class but had yet to see or serve on one until now. Technologically advanced and sleek in design he'd been looking at the schematics for a while due to his assignment tasking. Though a marine he'd found himself a full Colonel but as with most situations there was not a posting for him, in the mean time however he found himself assigned to the Vesta with a attached duty of guarding the highly secretive QSD technology. His Mate, Harlow had also found herself a promotion and was fortunate enough to find herself assigned with him, he suspected that was due to not small part that Starfleet knew of the delicate nature to what would happen if they were separated.

Having emptied another container of things he placed it next to the door ready to be collected, soon a small pile of them had gathered.

Harlow looked around the living space, her gaze finally settling on her mate, a smile forming across her lips. "I think that's the last of it," she said with a smile. "I can finish the last of this if you want to sit and relax?" She walked across to him, rising up on her toes and running her fingertips down the side of his face. "I'm proud of you," she said softly as she looked up at him. "Marine Commanding Officer, that's quite a coup."

Watching his Mate lift to her toes considering the substantial height difference Mr'isarr leaned low to scoop Harlow up into his arms, an easy feat given her light weight, holding her to his chest. "I am just glad we are able to remain together." He would happily give up everything including his career if it meant staying next to Harlow, regardless of where she went. "Promotions for both of us it seems." He purred as he held her close.

She rested her head against his chest as he lifted her, a sigh of contentment escaping her parted lips. "I'm just glad we're together," she said quietly, her arm moving to the back of his head. "Do you have your duty schedule yet? Do you know what shifts you'll be taking?"

"Not yet, though I am certain the command authority on board will make me aware in due time." With precious cargo in arms he walked to the sofa and sat on it and there was no hiding the frames strain as it took his considerable weight. "Perhaps we should speak to someone about new furniture." It was not the first time for him this was required.

As he sat, she remained in his arms, perfectly relaxed, perfectly at ease. She trusted him implicitly and would never even consider giving him any reason to doubt that. As he settled on the sofa she leaned into him and smiled. "I'll speak to Operations in the morning," she said softly. "Anything specific you would like?" she moved just enough to glance around their new home. "We have plenty of space, so I'm sure we can get anything you like."

"Something big enough for the both of us at once, like now." Touch was important to him as was scent, this moment satisfying both those racial needs. "A stronger bed frame and a larger shower area might be best also." While it was not a first for him to use Human sized areas, it often resulted in longer showers.

"I'll make all the arrangements, I was doing some more reading on your home world the other day and I saw some designs I quite liked, maybe I'll see if Operations can do something like that." She reached up and brushed a soft kiss across the corner of his mouth before nestling back into him again. "Though, I have to say, I do like being this close to you," she quipped with a soft laugh.

Smiling as he held his Mate close he was pleased she enjoyed moments where they were close, held, peaceful. "I hope operations will be able to help." He knew some designs could be difficult to manufacture with all the parts involved. "What of you, anything from Sickbay yet?"

"I start the day after tomorrow," she replied, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the moment. I have tomorrow to settle in and get unpacked and then I'm straight to it. Though I might wander down there tomorrow and take a peek around after I finish with Operations. It might be good to see where I'll be working and meet people before I just jump right in."

"Indeed, I should probably speak to the Captain at some point." No doubt will want to brief him on what exactly he wants done on this assignment and any extra considerations that need to be thought of. "Have you thought of what you wish for dinner tonight?" He asked as he leaned his head back against the back of the sofa.

Harlow moved, turning so she was kneeling over his hips, though even being up on her knees she was still at a significant disadvantage height wise. "I want chocolate," she said with a grin, her gaze meeting his before she laughed softly. "Do you want to cook something? Or should we order from the replicator or maybe go to the mess hall?"

"How about the mess hall, I'm sure they will have a chocolate treat for you there and perhaps it would be good for us to be seen." He suggested since they would no doubt be seen and serving on the ship for a while.

"Sure," Harlow replied with a smile. "Do I have time for a quick shower first? Maybe change into something a little nicer?"

"Of course." He replied, he wanted to change into something else himself anyway.

"Come shower with me?" she asked softly, reaching out and running her hand along the side of his face, along his neck, her fingertips hovering where his collar once was, brushing lightly over the fur before her hand moved down onto his chest.

"Tonight I will." He replied. If he showered now it would take a long time for him to shower, dry, brush his fur into place and then dress all of which would take him long past dinner time.

"We could always just stay in," Harlow replied quietly. "It's our first real night here, I'm sure no one expects us to be social butterflies right away. The replicator has plenty of options, we could set the fire or watch something?"

"What ever pleases you my Mate." He answered, happy with what ever option chosen as long as it was with her.

"I'm greedy, I always want you all to myself," she said softly as she looked at him. "But if you want to go to the mess hall we can."

"Then we can stay here and eat." That way there were no others, no wondering eyes gazing at them, no whispers to consider or stares.

With a smile, Harlow lowered herself down so she was sitting across his lap, looking up at him, her hands resting on his shoulders. "So what should we do then, to pass the time until dinner?"

"Perhaps you should colour your hair again, so it is bright and vibrant for your first impressions." Knowing how she liked to be a little different with her purple hair.

Harlow laughed softly and shook her head. "I'll get it done tomorrow, I already checked, I can get an appointment with the salon here on the ship." She smiled. "I know how much you like it too."

Mr'isarr remembered to the first time they had gone out together as friends, another young officer trying his luck with Harlow despite her rejections to his advances. The expression on the mans face when the towering feline made clear the state of affairs while amusing sent a very clear message not just to the male but those too around them.

"What are you thinking about my love?" she asked softly, taking in the expression on his face. "Are you alright?" Almost instantly concern filled her face as she watched him.

"I was remembering that young Male that made advances to you while you waiting for me." Here replied. "And his swift exit. "

Harlow smiled slightly. "My champion," she said quietly. "My own knight in shining armor..." her voice trailed off and she laughed softly before looking up at him again. "That was the night I knew I loved you."

"He did make for a hasty withdraw when he saw whom you were waiting for." He mused rather enjoying now as he did then the expression on the male's face when eye contact was made.

Harlow laughed softly. "Well, you do cut quite an imposing figure," she said with a smile as she looked up him. She shook her head slightly. "Word must have travelled fast, no one ever tried to talk to me again after that."

"I am sorry for that." His intent was to dissuade further advances, not isolate her from being able to be social and spoken to.

"Don't be, I'm not," she said with a genuine smile. "Besides, it just meant I had more time to spend with you." She slid off his lap, standing in front of him for a moment before she leaned in to brush a light kiss across his nose. "I wouldn't change anything."

Looking up at Harlow he smiled when she planted the kiss to his nose. While some may question her choice given what he is, or the logistics given the very apparent size differences, there could be no question as to the feelings the two of them shared. "As you wish." Once again, his customary reply to his Mate.

"Now, how about that shower?" she asked with a teasing smile. "If we're not going to the mess we have plenty of time and we can eat when ever we like."


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