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Tactical Analysis

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 9:39am by Lieutenant Daisuke Hafan, 3rd Tribe of Bon-Hwa & Commander Temperance Zachary

Mission: Episode 04: "Tempest"
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000

Temperance made her way through the ship, heading for the security section, more specifically the office of the Chief Tactical Officer. With the crew being recalled from leave and the ship about to start preparing to depart Starbase 11, she wanted to take some time to run over basic reports and make sure everything was ready to go.

Pausing at the door, she knocked lightly on the glass as she caught sight of the impressively sized Dromedar sitting on the floor behind his desk. It was still a mystery to her exactly how it was that he managed to get anything done with his unique physiology, but he had proved to be an exemplary officer, something that impressed Temperance even more. "Sorry Lieutenant," she said with a smile as she stepped through the doors. "I hope I'm not bothering you?"

"Camaraderie of a senior officer is never a bother," Hafan responded in his slow cadence. "What brings me this pleasure?" he added after a moment of silence.

"I was hoping you might have a few minutes to run through any departmental changes you've got going on with me before we depart? It looks like the lay of the land is changing across the ship and I think I want to keep on top of it as things change rather than waiting until the end and trying to play catch up," she said with a smile. "First though, I hope your shoreleave was enjoyable?"

Hafan nodded, his head turning slowly, making a wide sweeping arc to a computer console. With several taps, information downloaded onto a PaDD which he picked up and slid over to the far side of the desk, in which he beckoned the XO to sit down. He made no mention of the PaDD, focusing on the pleasantries of the situation before getting to business. “Shore leave was relaxing. I hope your experience was similar?”

"As always, could have been longer," Temperance replied with a light laugh as she slid into the seat he offered. "It's always nice to get some time out and away from everything, a chance to recharge and prepare mentally for all the crazy to start again," She laughed softly. "Do you ever get a chance to see your family since joining Starfleet?" she asked suddenly. "My apologies if that's too personal."

“Your human notions of personal are intriguing,” He replied at first, cocking his head slightly before continuing. “In my culture survival is only by the group. The idea of personal space or matters is a rare occurrence.” He stopped to ponder on the thought before continuing. “I have not, however we have spoken via sub space on several occasions when I have reported back to my people.”

"I find the differences between cultures rather fascinating," Temperance said with a smile. "Humans value personal space, we tend to be rather private people. Many wouldn't welcome enquiries regarding family or personal matters." She paused, realising her explanation was probably pointless. "I'm glad you at least get to speak to them."

There was a brief moment of silence before Temperance straightened her back. "Anyway, how are we faring with preparing for departure? Is there anything your department needs before we leave?"

"Preparations are ahead of schedule, no insurmountable issues to date," Hafan responded, nodding to the PaDD, which contained up to date information on departmental projects. "The Starbase has accepted its role and performed adequately in all projects. I anticipate no issue with departure."

"There was a mention made of some upgrades to the tactical systems, both sensors and weapons," Temp picked up the PaDD and thumbed into it. "I caught mention of it when I was coming back from leave. I believe it's just routine maintenance and upgrades, but as soon as we're clear of the Starbase and general traffic I'd like to run some diagnostics and maybe some live weapons testing, just to make sure everything is functioning as it should. I'd rather be safe than sorry and deal with any bugs before our lives depend on it."

“A wise course of action,” Hafan noted. “I believe there were upgrades in some ship wide power systems. I shall venture the idea of joint diagnostics for efficiency of time with Operations later at my meeting. We can very easily test system loading of the conduits with the phasers.”

"That sounds ideal," Temperance smiled. "I really dislike it when they tinker with more than one system at a time, it always makes me uneasy. It leaves too many avenues for things to go wrong and too many possibilities if they do." She paused for a moment. "Tell me, have you heard of a Cardassian by the name of Breloc Tejar?"

Hafan nodded as Temperance talked, becoming still with the question. He pondered the name for a moment. “I have seen the name before,” He said, pausing, “But I cannot tell you where.”

"More information will be provided by the Captain I'm sure, but it seems he's the target of our next mission. The Cardassian Government has requested assistance from The Federation to locate him so he can be held accountable for war crimes," Temperance explained quietly. "Intelligence has given key places of interest that he's either been spotted or provides a likely hiding place for him. We're investigating one of those places. Given the crimes he's already committed and the acts we know he's capable of, it may be prudent for you to spend some more time investigating his history. You might be able to come up with something of benefit to us before the Captain's briefing."

Hafan bowed his head slightly and brought it back up to eye level with the XO. “I will come to the meeting prepared, thank you for the council.” Hafan sat quietly for a moment before perking back up again. “A lot of ship to hunt a singular being.”

"I suspect we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg," Temperance replied quietly as she stood up. "I'll leave you be Lieutenant, but if you need anything, you know where to find me."

“May there be water over your next hill,” Hafan replied bowing his head in deference as she left. With the swoosh of the door closing, he got back to work, adding the Cardassian to his priority list.


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