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Delivery Drama

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 12:54pm by Lieutenant Harlow Launceston MD & Lieutenant JG Zerin Rolfe

Mission: Episode 04: "Tempest"
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000

"You'll need to count the inventory, sign here and return the PaDD to us Ma'am," the PaDD was shoved toward her before she could even respond. Before taking it, she clenched one small hand into a fist and drew in a deep breath, taking the PaDD.

"I know the drill," she Harlow half growled with annoyance. "You've been here four times already this morning. I'm not an idiot." She was well aware that her frustration was evident in her voice and she no longer cared. "Really? You had to just dump them all in the entry way? You couldn't even use that pile of goo inside your skull and put them somewhere people aren't going to trip on them?"

"Not my problem, we just deliver them. Have a good day, Ma'am." With a smart smile, the crewman nodded, turned on his heel and walked out of Sickbay, whistling to himself as he moved, leaving Harlow to deal with the mountain of crates that had been left behind.

"Smarmy, arrogant, pig headed, mule faced," she set the PaDD on top of one of the crates, picking it up and heading toward the storage rooms at the back of medical. "bone headed, mouth breathing, stupid, annoying, jackass!" she exclaimed, dumping the crate on the counter, and holding the PaDD toward Zerin. "We got another delivery."

"Presents!" Zerin responded with some excitement. He was enjoyed deliveries. He took the PaDD and placed it off to the side so he could help go through the boxes. "You should let me handle the next delivery, unless you're having fun doing it," He added with a wink.

"I'm sure they are deliberately doing deliveries in as many trips as possible just to make sure they thoroughly inconvenience us and be complete pain in the assses!" Harlow exclaimed. "I mean, they've done five trips today alone, they dump everything right in the door way and..." Before Harlow could continue there was the sound of a crash, a short lived shriek, a dull thud and then a muffled curse as someone likely tripped over one of the crates. "And that concludes today's audio visual demonstration," she ended sarcastically.

Zerin stopped for a moment to look at her. He was about to say something, but then started to chuckle at her. He didn’t have the words to adequately explain his feelings of the situation. His chuckle started to turn into a laugh, which he ended up putting down his equipment to keep laughing.

Harlow bristled slightly at his laughter, straightening her back, though at not even 5' it was hard to in any way consider her imposing. "I'm glad you think it's funny," she retorted, her hands on her hips as she watched him.

Zerin attempted to stifle his laughter, which only produced more before it finally abated. “Yes yes, quite serious matter, these boxes. Let us seriously handle them.”

She sighed and reached up, brushing her purple hair back behind her ear. "Somehow I suspect that you lack the ability to be serious in any capacity," she shook her head, her hair falling back in front of her face again. "I thought it was the girls that were supposed to be all giggly and childish," she challenged.

Zerin's body language and facial expressions became more solemn, his Vulcan schooling from years past still with him, "It is only logical to accept other's choices as their own, and to enjoy one's life as one desires," he said a monotone voice. He stood there with his hands clasped in front of him, raising one eyebrow subtly.

There was a heavy groan of exasperation as she shook her head and rolled her eyes. "You're incorrigible," she retorted with annoyance. "Well are you going to help me move these crates or are we going to sit here and watch the body count rise?"

Relaxing, Zerin gave a wink before walking over to the boxes, checking the sides of a few. He beckoned over a medical technician to grab several boxes all going to the same area. Looking at the rest at a glance, “I can’t imagine there is much more to be delivered. We weren’t that bad off with supplies prior to this, were we?”

"Honestly? I wouldn't have expected more than what we received yesterday," Harlow shrugged slightly. "I guess we're stocking up? Maybe the Captain's planning on selling it to the highest bidder as soon as we're clear of Federation space?" She grinned slightly as she grabbed a cargo crate of her own and started carrying it back to the storage area. Setting it on a counter, she opened it up and peered inside curiously. "What is this stuff? I've never seen anything like it..."

“Good question,” Zerin replied, peering into the box with Harlow. The smaller boxes inside were poorly marked, and not of substantial size. He removed one carefully, having trouble getting it out because of how closely packed the boxes were. He turned it over slowly in his hand, reading the simplistic wording and numbering on the side.

"Is this even intended for sickbay? It wouldn't surprise me if those neanderthals were just dumping everything any which place so they didn't have to worry about it," she scowled as she headed back to the front of sickbay to retrieve another cargo crate. "This one is at least a lot lighter," she commented on her return, setting it up on the counter and levering it open.

“Worst case, if they aren’t, makes for some good bargaining chips with the other departments,” He said a wink. “Though,” Zerin stopped for a moment, studying the box more carefully. “These might be those new dermal devices they’ve been talking about. Don’t remember much about them, didn’t concern me.”

"Ughh, I'll leave them aside for the moment, maybe the new CMO can clear it up. They'll have to sign off on the deliveries anyway once we've accounted for it all." She shook her head with annoyance. "You know, I didn't sign up to Starfleet to schlep boxes and do inventory counts. 'Ex Astra, Scientia'." She sighed, sealing the box again. "More like Ex Astra, Tedium."

Zerin laughed, moving some more boxes. “Tell you what, after shift we can get some drinks and I’ll teach you the ways of making Ex Astra, Tedium, Ed Astra, Bearable. Vulcans do actually do some things right, much to learn from them. You know anything about the new CMO?”

"Not really, but Crewman Aevin was operating the transporter when he arrived. Said he's Efrosian and looks cross." She shrugged slightly, pushing the crate along the counter before reaching for the jar of jellybeans that were kept in the corner, swiping a red one and popping it in her mouth. Turning around, she pulled herself up so she was sitting on the counter. "I don't know anything about Efrosians, aside from what we covered in medical. Do you think they all look cross or is he going to be a cranky boss?"

Zerin stopped moving boxes to take a quick break and shrugged at the question. “Guess we won’t know until we meet him. The cranky ones are the best ones to play pranks on though.”

She grabbed another jelly bean out of the jar before offering the jar to Zerin. "Really? You'd play pranks on the new Chief Medical Officer?" There was a tone of incredulity to her voice. "What kind of pranks?" Sure, she'd heard of it happening at the Academy, but once they graduated weren't they meant to become responsible and stop that kind of behaviour? There had been pranks from time to time on other ships she'd served on, but she'd never been part of them, nor known anyone who had.

Zerin shrugged, taking a few jelly beans out of the jar. “Can’t pre plan a prank, they aren’t as much fun. Besides, I’d hate to make you an accomplice by knowing. We’ll just have to see how the new Chief is,” He popped the jelly beans in his mouth, savoring the weird mix of flavors he had randomly pulled.

"Black jellybeans... eeewwww," Harlow grimaced as she set the jar of Jellybeans back down again. "You really are a strange one Zerin..." she said with a shake of her head. "I'm going to take these PaDD's and put them on the new CMO's desk if you're happy with the inventory counts and don't need me to do anything else?"

Zerin shut off the PaDD he was holding after ensuring the counts were correct on that one as well. He handed to Harlow. “Seems to all be in order. Can’t imagine what else we need to do. Thanks” He replied.

"In that case, I think I'll go home a little early. I'll take a medkit and check on Ensign Carroway on my way, he's on the same deck anyway. See you tomorrow." She offered a wave over her shoulder as she grabbed a medkit as she headed out of sickbay.


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